Evergreen Rehabilitation Center Kft.

Sopron-Balf Pension

Balfi Pension capacity expansion and service level increase

  • Beneficiary Name: Evergreen Rehabilitation Center Limited Liability Company
  • The title of the supported project: Balfi Pension capacity expansion and service level increase
  • Tender identification number: TFC-1-1-1-2017-2018-00807
  • The amount of the contracted support: HUF 26,755,400.
  • Aid intensity (%): 70%
  • Brief presentation of the content of the supported project: Within the framework of this investment, the Balfi Pension will be remodeled and renovated without a building permit. As a result of the development, 8 existing rooms will be renovated. In the framework of the project, the necessary changes to qualify the Pension with a star will be realized in order to improve the quality of the external and internal appearance and image of the existing accommodation within the framework of an independently eligible activity. Within the framework of activities that cannot be supported independently, a development supporting the energy-efficient operation of the Pension building will also be implemented (replacement of windows and doors, insulation, installation of a solar system) and a security camera system will be installed to support crime prevention.
  • Completion date of the supported project: 28.01.2020.
  • “The supported project is implemented within the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.”
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